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Welcome to the Wisdom Wednesdays Blog. Each week I share little spiritual insights, healing practices and inner inquiry journal prompts for you to dive deeper. 

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Exploring the Mother Wound

In honour of the upcoming Mothers day. I thought what a great Idea to share some insights about the Mother Wound. Shines some light on where a lot of people have hidden wounds. Especially Men. Both Men and Women experience Mother and Father Wounds. However they show up differently in each. To learn how they present in Men and Women Differently I've written about it on my blog.


So what is the Mother Wound?

The Mother Wound refers to the psychological and emotional pain experienced as a result of the mother-child relationship, often stemming from unmet needs, emotional neglect, or trauma inflicted by the mother or primary caregiver. This wound can manifest in various ways, such as feelings of abandonment, inadequacy, unworthiness, or difficulty in establishing healthy boundaries and relationships.

A note here about this and any other topics I discuss I do not blame anyone and I truly believe that our parents did their best with what they were experiencing , holding and what they knew. What ever level of consciousness they were in at the time of parenting did their best. This is not about blame or pointing fingers but rather to learn, understand and grow.


In a spiritual context, the Mother Wound can be understood as a deep-seated emotional and energetic imprint that arises from the mother-child relationship, impacting one's spiritual growth and development. This wound extends beyond the physical and psychological realm, affecting the individual's connection to their spiritual essence, sense of belonging, and capacity for self-love and acceptance.


The Mother Wound can present itself in both women and men in various ways, although the manifestations may differ based on individual experiences and circumstances.

Here's how the Mother Wound may present itself in each gender:

In Women:

1. Self-Worth Issues: Women affected by the Mother Wound may struggle with feelings of unworthiness, inadequacy, or not feeling "good enough." This can stem from a lack of validation, nurturing, or affirmation received from their mothers during childhood.

2. Difficulty Setting Boundaries: Women with the Mother Wound may have difficulty setting and maintaining healthy boundaries in relationships. They may struggle to assert themselves, fear rejection or abandonment, and prioritize others' needs over their own.

3. Perfectionism: Women impacted by the Mother Wound may strive for perfection in an attempt to win approval or validation from others. They may feel pressure to meet unrealistic standards and fear failure or criticism.

4. Motherhood Challenges: The Mother Wound can influence women's experiences of motherhood, leading to feelings of insecurity, doubt, or fear of repeating negative patterns from their own upbringing. They may also struggle with bonding or nurturing their own children.

5. Comparison and Competition: Women affected by the Mother Wound may engage in comparison with other women and experience feelings of competition or jealousy. They may seek external validation and approval to fill the void left by unmet maternal needs.

In Men:

1. Emotional Repression: Men impacted by the Mother Wound may struggle with expressing and processing emotions. They may have learned to suppress vulnerability or sensitivity as a result of societal expectations of masculinity, leading to emotional detachment or numbness.

2. Relationship Patterns: Men with the Mother Wound may struggle in intimate relationships, experiencing difficulties with trust, intimacy, and emotional connection. They may fear abandonment or rejection and struggle to express love or affection.

3. Identity and Self-Image: Men affected by the Mother Wound may grapple with issues related to identity and self-image. They may struggle with feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem, or a sense of not measuring up to societal standards of masculinity.

4. Anger and Control: Men impacted by the Mother Wound may exhibit behaviors such as anger, aggression, or control as a way to cope with underlying feelings of hurt or abandonment. They may struggle with controlling tendencies in relationships or situations.

5. Fatherhood Challenges: The Mother Wound can influence men's experiences of fatherhood, impacting their ability to nurture, connect emotionally, and provide support to their children. They may struggle with parenting roles and fear repeating negative patterns from their own upbringing.

It's important to note that these manifestations are not exhaustive and can vary widely among individuals. Healing the Mother Wound involves acknowledging and addressing these patterns and wounds, cultivating self-awareness, self-compassion, and seeking support from therapy, healing modalities, and supportive relationships.

The Mother Wound in everyone may encompass:

1.Disconnect from the Divine Feminine: The Mother Wound can result in a disconnection from the Divine Feminine aspect of spirituality, which embodies qualities such as nurturing, intuition, creativity, and emotional depth. Individuals may struggle to connect with the nurturing and supportive aspects of spirituality, feeling unworthy or undeserving of love and compassion.


2. Inner Child Healing: Healing the Mother Wound  often involves inner child work, where individuals reconnect with their inner child and provide the love, validation, and nurturing that may have been lacking in their childhood experiences. By healing the wounded inner child, one can access deeper layers of spiritual connection and self-compassion.


3. Reconnection with the Earth: The Mother Wound may also impact one's relationship with the Earth as a nurturing and abundant source of life. Healing the Mother Wound involves reestablishing a harmonious and reciprocal relationship with the Earth, honoring its sacredness and recognizing oneself as an integral part of the natural world.


4. Healing Ancestral Patterns: the Mother Wound may be seen as part of a larger pattern of ancestral trauma and conditioning passed down through generations. By acknowledging and healing ancestral wounds, individuals can break free from inherited patterns of dysfunction and limitation, allowing for spiritual growth and liberation.


5. Forgiveness and Compassion: Spiritual practices such as forgiveness and compassion play a crucial role in healing the Mother Wound. By extending forgiveness to oneself and one's mother, individuals can release the energetic binds of past pain and open themselves to receiving divine love and grace.


6. Integration of Divine Masculine and Feminine: Healing the Mother Wound involves integrating the energies of the Divine Masculine and Feminine within oneself. This process allows for the harmonization of qualities such as strength and vulnerability, action and receptivity, and assertiveness and nurturing, leading to a more balanced and integrated spiritual experience.


7. Embracing Divine Mother Archetype: Embracing the archetype of the Divine Mother, whether through meditation, prayer, or ritual, can provide a powerful catalyst for healing the Mother Wound. By connecting with the nurturing and loving presence of the Divine Mother, individuals can receive unconditional love, guidance, and support on their spiritual journey.

In essence, healing the Mother Wound involves reclaiming one's innate wholeness, reconnecting with the Divine Feminine, and embracing a deeper sense of self-love, acceptance, and spiritual empowerment. Through inner exploration, healing practices, and connection to divine guidance, individuals can transcend the limitations of the Mother Wound and step into their fullest potential as spiritual beings.


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My intention with this work with mother wound is to assist in guiding you into healing this aspect of ourself so we may have more peace, love and connection with our mother, divine mother and being a mother.


May you be filled with love through your exploration if you so choose to dabble in this.

If you wish to join us in sacred sisterhood circle our theme this month is Exploring and healing the Mother wound.

I also offer many modalities to assist in healing these deep rooted wounds. Just book a connection call. 


Warmest Hugs,


Image by James Lee

Rising Into Love: A Journey Through Grief and Heartbreak

In the vast landscape of human experience, grief and heartbreak are inevitable companions on the journey of life. They are the shadows that linger in the corners of our hearts, the echoes of loss and longing that reverberate through our souls. And yet, amidst the darkness, there is also light—a glimmer of hope that shines through the cracks, illuminating the path forward with love and compassion.

When we find ourselves immersed in the depths of grief and heartbreak, it can feel as though the weight of the world is pressing down upon us, crushing our spirits and suffocating our souls. The pain is raw, visceral, and all-consuming, leaving us gasping for air as we struggle to make sense of the shattered pieces of our reality.

In these moments of profound suffering, it is natural to want to turn away, to numb ourselves to the pain in a desperate attempt to escape its grasp. But true healing begins not in avoidance, but in acknowledgment—in allowing ourselves to fully feel the depth of our emotions, no matter how overwhelming they may be.

It is in the allowing, the surrender, and the stillness that we find solace amidst the storm. In the darkness of our despair, we discover a sacred space—a sanctuary within ourselves where the divine resides, waiting patiently to offer us comfort and consolation.

In the depths of grief, we are invited to turn inward—to journey into the depths of our own souls and confront the shadows that dwell within. It is a journey of self-discovery, of unraveling the layers of conditioning and expectation to reveal the radiant essence of our true selves.

As we navigate this inner landscape, we learn to extend compassion not only to ourselves but also to those who have caused us pain. For in the act of forgiveness, we release the chains that bind us to the past, freeing ourselves to embrace the present moment with an open heart and a renewed sense of purpose.

And so, we rise—slowly, tentatively, but with a newfound strength born of adversity. We rise into love—not the fleeting, conditional love of the external world, but the eternal, unconditional love that resides within us all. It is a love that transcends the limitations of time and space, embracing us in its warm embrace and guiding us home to ourselves.

In the end, grief and heartbreak are not the end of our story, but merely the beginning of a new chapter—one filled with the promise of healing, growth, and transformation. And though the road ahead may be long and uncertain, we walk it with courage and conviction, knowing that we are supported every step of the way by the love of the divine and the boundless resilience of the human spirit.

In love and compassion,

Girl with Umbrella

I prefered to climb trees, investigate bugs and ride my bike.

Healing the Sister Wound: Let's Open Up and Talk About It


 Today, I want to delve into a topic that is close to my heart and one that I believe affects many of us deeply—the sister wound.

Growing up, I never quite fit in with the typical "girl" crowd. I preferred climbing trees, collecting bugs, and getting dirty with the boys. The girls I encountered seemed to be more interested in dressing up, kissing boys, and engaging in cliques. I didn't resonate with their energy, and as a result, I didn't have many "girl" friends.


It wasn't until I embarked on my own inner healing journey that I realized the depth of the sister wound within me. I experienced betrayals from women whom I had trusted and nurtured, only to discover their hidden agendas. Especially in my teen years as I reflect back at the female relationships I did have and how much hurt and pain I had been carrying. In the last year some experiences with women forced me to confront the sister wound head-on and explore its impact on my relationships with other women.


So, what exactly is the sister wound? in short it's the collective pain and trauma experienced by women due to societal conditioning, competition, jealousy, and betrayal among female relationships. It's the wounds inflicted by other women, often stemming from unresolved issues within themselves.

Sister, I could go on about this for hours where this comes from, the patriarchy, how women get pinned against one another to take down our feminine power etc.


In 2020 I was invited by spirit to start leading Women circles and every month for over 3 years the gathering of women in a sacred space has been healing this wound for me and those that attend. As a collective we have been healing the feminine psyche, healing the sister wound and Empowering one another.

At our April Women's Circle, we'll be delving deep into the sister wound, exploring its roots, and discussing how it affects us on a personal and collective level along with some rituals to heal this wound within all of us.


I have so many women from all over the world reach out to me asking me to do a women's circle online so I FINALLY started a NEW Virtual group that meets monthly called SOULFUL SISTERS and if your seeking a sacred sisterhood we would love to have you.


Both of these groups offer open dialogue, vulnerability, and support, we'll create a safe space for healing and transformation. It is the power of Women coming together that is extremely powerful that words cannot describe.


I invite you to join us and share your experiences, insights, and reflections. Together, we can unravel the layers of the sister wound and pave the way for profound healing and sisterhood.


As a starting point, I've included some journal prompts below to help you explore how the sister wound has impacted your relationships with other women:

1. Reflect on your earliest memories of female friendships. How did they shape your perception of sisterhood?

2. Have you experienced betrayals or conflicts with female friends or acquaintances? How did these experiences impact you?

3. In what ways do societal expectations and stereotypes about women influence your interactions with other women?

4. How do you navigate feelings of competition, jealousy, or comparison with other women? How can you cultivate a sense of solidarity instead?

5. What qualities do you value in female relationships? How can you embody these qualities in your interactions with other women?


I look forward to exploring this important topic with you and fostering deeper connections within our circle.

Laying Down

Embracing your Divine Feminine Energy


I hope this message finds you well and filled with the vibrant energy of the changing seasons.


In today's fast-paced world, many of us find ourselves caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, often neglecting our feminine essence in favour of our masculine-driven society. This imbalance can leave us feeling depleted, exhausted, and disconnected from our true selves.


I used to be a highly masculine, boss bitch and was so tired all the time. I was exhausted. Once I started to delve into the topic of masculine and feminine energies and I started the inner work I had so many realizations of how programmed I was to do more, complete more, get this done, no pain no gain, work until your exhausted, put everyone else first. Can you resonate with this?


OMG! I am tired just thinking about how much I was DOING. Sure I had time to BE - when I was on my vacation. OH WAIT- Nope I was still doing so much and felt like I needed a vacation from the vacation. I did not know what it was to REST, REFLECT, TUNE INWARDS to TRUST, let alone TO Let GO of CONTROL.



But it doesn't have to be this way.


When we embody our feminine energy we are ignited, we feel HIGH, we feel NOURISHED. You know the feeling - heart expansive, love, warmth like a warm tea hugging you. Sister, this is your truth- we are here to feel GOOD to feel RADIANT, just by BEING.


Do you want to feel this more?


I invite you to join us in a sacred journey of rediscovery and empowerment as we explore and embody the divine feminine within ourselves. Our soulful sisterhood gatherings offer a safe and nurturing space where you can connect with like-hearted women, learn about powerful goddess archetypes, and reclaim your inherent wisdom and wildness.

I am going to teach you how to TRUST yourself and the Universe, Follow your INTUITION, balance REST over Exhaustion, Open to RECEIVE and RELEASE control. I am going to teach you how to get out of the masculine over drive and Heal the wounds so you can be in balance, and live in harmony.


Join the Soulful Sisters: Awakening the Goddess within and participate in our online program where you'll have the opportunity to:

- Learn about ancient goddesses and their timeless wisdom.

- Embody the qualities of these goddess archetypes in your own life.

- Cultivate a deeper connection to your intuition, creativity, and inner knowing.

- Rebalance your energies and rediscover the beauty of surrender and receptivity.

- Experience the healing power of sisterhood and supportive community.


Here is one way to start on this journey of self-discovery and transformation of these masculine and feminine energies, I encourage you to reflect on the following journal prompts:

1. Reflect on your daily routines and behaviours. Do they reflect a more masculine or feminine approach?

How can you invite more balance and harmony into your life?


2. Explore any limiting beliefs or societal conditioning that may be keeping you stuck in a pattern of overdrive or depletion. How can you release these old narratives and embrace a more authentic expression of yourself?


3. Consider the areas of your life where you feel most aligned with your feminine essence. How can you nurture and cultivate these aspects of yourself to bring more joy, vitality, and fulfillment into your life?


4. Imagine yourself fully embodying the divine feminine. What qualities would you express? How would your life transform as a result?


5. Visualize yourself surrounded by a supportive sisterhood of women who uplift and empower you. How can you create or strengthen these bonds of sisterhood in your own life?


I invite you to take the first step on this empowering journey of self-discovery and soulful connection. Together, let's awaken the radiant goddess within and reclaim our rightful place as powerful, embodied women.

Happy Siblings
Happy Siblings

Healing the Sister Wound



The term "sister wound" refers to the emotional and psychological pain that can arise from negative experiences or conflicts with other women, particularly those we consider to be sisters or close female friends. This wound can manifest in various ways, including feelings of betrayal, competition, jealousy, or mistrust toward other women.


Many women carry deep-seated wounds from past experiences of being hurt, betrayed, or unsupported by female peers. These wounds can stem from childhood experiences, such as bullying or exclusion by other girls, or from adult relationships marked by betrayal, manipulation, or emotional abuse.


The sister wound can have profound effects on a woman's sense of self-worth, her ability to trust others, and her capacity for authentic connection and sisterhood. It can also contribute to feelings of isolation, loneliness, and disconnection from other women.


Healing the sister wound requires a willingness to explore and understand the root causes of these painful experiences, as well as a commitment to self-reflection, self-compassion, and forgiveness. By acknowledging and honouring our own pain and vulnerability, we can begin to cultivate empathy, compassion, and understanding for ourselves and for other women who may have also experienced similar wounds.


Through practices such as journaling, therapy, sister circles, and self-care, women can begin to heal the sister wound and reclaim their sense of connection, belonging, and empowerment in relationship with other women. By embracing our shared humanity and supporting one another on our healing journeys, we can transform our wounds into sources of wisdom, strength, and sisterhood.


Here are some journal prompts to help heal the sister wound:

1. Reflect on your earliest memories of interactions with other girls or women. How did these experiences shape your perceptions of female relationships?

2. Think about a specific incident or pattern in your life where you felt hurt or betrayed by another woman. What emotions come up for you as you recall this experience?

3. Consider any negative beliefs or assumptions you may hold about women in general. Where do these beliefs originate from, and how do they impact your relationships with other women?

4. Reflect on your own role in past conflicts or misunderstandings with female friends or family members. Are there patterns of behavior or communication that you would like to change?

5. Consider the qualities or traits you admire in other women. How can you cultivate these same qualities within yourself, and how can you celebrate and appreciate them in others?

6. Think about a time when you felt truly seen, heard, and supported by another woman. What made this experience so meaningful, and how can you cultivate more of these positive connections in your life?

7. Consider how you can actively contribute to creating a culture of sisterhood and support in your own life and community. What small actions or gestures can you take to uplift and empower the women around you?


In my own journey of healing the sister wound I found being in Women Circle the most healing and impactful on transformational.


Join us in our Women's Circle as we come together with the intention of healing the sister wound. Through ritual, intention setting, and the power of sacred sisterhood, we will create a safe and supportive space for exploring and healing the wounds that may exist between us as women.


In this circle, we will engage in practices that promote healing, including guided meditation, sharing circles, and ritual. Together, we will acknowledge and honour the pain and challenges that may have arisen from past experiences with other women, and we will offer support and compassion to one another as we navigate this healing journey.

By coming together in sisterhood and holding space for each other's healing, we can cultivate deeper understanding, empathy, and connection with ourselves and with our fellow sisters. Together, we can transform the wounds of the past into opportunities for growth, healing, and empowerment.



Explore the essence of the Goddess Sige


In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it's easy to forget the power of silence, stillness, and emptiness. Yet, these qualities hold immense wisdom and potential for transformation. Enter the temple of the Goddess Sige, the divine embodiment of silence, stillness, and the void. She invites us to journey inward, reminding us that true power comes from within and that nothing external can truly define us.


Goddess Sige's essence is shrouded in mystery, inviting us to explore the depths of our being and embrace the vastness of the void. In her presence, we find solace, clarity, and the courage to confront the unknown. As we honour her, we awaken to the quiet whispers of our soul and the infinite possibilities that lie within.


I have been in the presence of Sige as she has been holding me in the last couple of weeks as I have encountered a personal unexpected loss. When in difficult challenges we often are taught to turn externally. However it is within where our light is but also the VOID of the womb, of our Goddess, divine feminine energies. Some are afraid of this darkness but it actually is comforting, warm, inviting and spacious. It has given me healing and insights to assist me in my path forward. Our own inner temples, the goddess lies within each of us.

Pink Petals
Pink Petals
Lily Flower

Embracing Renewal: The Magic of Spring Equinox

As the world awakens from its winter slumber, there's a palpable sense of anticipation in the air. Birds chirp melodies of new beginnings, flowers burst forth in a riot of colours, and the sun graces us with its warming embrace. It's Spring Equinox, a time of balance, renewal, and infinite possibilities.

The Symbolism of Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox, also known as the Vernal Equinox, marks the moment when day and night are of equal length, symbolizing the delicate balance between light and dark, yin and yang. It heralds the official arrival of spring, a season of growth, rejuvenation, and awakening.

Celebrating Fertility and Rebirth

Throughout history, cultures around the world have celebrated Spring Equinox as a time of fertility and rebirth. From ancient festivals like Ostara and Nowruz to modern-day traditions, the theme of renewal permeates our collective consciousness.

Honouring the Earth's Bounty

As we witness nature's miraculous transformation, we're reminded of the Earth's abundant gifts and our interconnectedness with all living beings. Spring Equinox invites us to honour the land, planting seeds of gratitude and tending to the soil of our souls.

Embracing Balance and Harmony

In the midst of life's hustle and bustle, Spring Equinox offers a precious moment of stillness and reflection. It's an opportunity to recalibrate our internal compass, finding balance and harmony amidst the chaos of daily life.

Rituals and Practices

Many people choose to celebrate Spring Equinox through rituals and practices that honour the season's themes of renewal and growth. Whether it's planting a garden, performing a spring cleaning ritual, or simply taking a walk in nature, these acts of reverence help us attune to the rhythms of the Earth.

Embracing Change

As the world bursts forth in a symphony of colour and life, Spring Equinox reminds us that change is inevitable and beautiful. Just as the buds on the trees unfurl in the warm spring sun, we too have the capacity to blossom and grow.

Closing Thoughts

As we celebrate Spring Equinox, let us embrace the magic of renewal and the infinite possibilities that lie ahead. May we honour the Earth's bounty, cultivate gratitude for the gift of life, and step boldly into the light of a new season. Together, let us welcome the arrival of spring with open hearts and open arms.

Pink Flower

Embracing Divine Feminine Nourishment: The Power of Rest, Self-Love, and Intuition

In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life, often neglecting our own well-being in the process. But amidst the chaos, there lies a profound need for us to reconnect with our divine feminine essence – to honour our bodies, minds, and souls with the nourishment they crave.


Divine feminine nourishment goes beyond mere self-care routines; it's about embracing a holistic approach to nurturing our feminine energy – the essence that embodies receptivity, intuition, and flow. It's about recognizing that true nourishment comes from within and prioritizing practices that honor and replenish our inner resources.


Rest: The Foundation of Divine Feminine Nourishment

In a world that glorifies busyness, rest often takes a backseat in our lives. Yet, rest is the cornerstone of divine feminine nourishment. It's in moments of stillness and surrender that we replenish our energy reserves, allowing our bodies and minds to rejuvenate and heal.


Embracing rest isn't just about physical relaxation; it's about honoring our need for downtime, setting boundaries, and giving ourselves permission to simply be. Whether it's curling up with a good book, taking a leisurely stroll in nature, or indulging in a luxurious bath – prioritize rest as a sacred act of self-love and rejuvenation.


Self-Love: A Sacred Practice of Honoring Ourselves

At the heart of divine feminine nourishment lies the practice of self-love – the radical act of honoring and cherishing ourselves exactly as we are. In a world that often teaches us to criticize our flaws and shortcomings, self-love is a revolutionary act of defiance.


Self-love means treating ourselves with kindness, compassion, and acceptance – embracing our imperfections and celebrating our unique essence. It's about setting healthy boundaries, speaking our truth, and prioritizing our own needs without guilt or apology.


Receiving: Opening Ourselves to Abundance and Flow

In our society, we're often conditioned to believe that success comes from constant striving and effort. But the divine feminine teaches us the power of receptivity – of opening ourselves to the abundant flow of life.


To truly nourish our feminine energy, we must learn to receive with grace and gratitude. This means letting go of the belief that we must always be in control and allowing life to unfold organically. It's about trusting in the universe's infinite wisdom and surrendering to the natural rhythms of expansion and contraction.


Intuition: Honoring the Wisdom of Our Inner Knowing

Our intuition – our inner guidance system – is a precious gift that often gets overlooked in our rational, logic-driven world. But the divine feminine recognizes the profound wisdom that resides within each of us – a wisdom that speaks to us through subtle whispers, gut feelings, and intuitive nudges.


To nourish our feminine energy, we must learn to trust and honour our intuition. This means quieting the noise of the outside world, tuning into the wisdom of our innermost being, and following the guidance of our heart with courage and conviction.


In essence, divine feminine nourishment is about reclaiming our inherent worthiness, embracing our innate power, and honouring the sacredness of our feminine energy. It's about cultivating a deep sense of self-love, rest, receptivity, and intuition – allowing ourselves to flow with the rhythm of life and embody the radiant, luminous beings that we truly are.


Here are some journal prompts to explore and deepen your understanding of divine feminine nourishment:

1. Reflect on a time when you felt deeply nourished in your feminine energy. What activities, practices, or experiences contributed to this feeling of nourishment?

2. How do you currently prioritize rest and relaxation in your life?

3.Are there any changes you can make to honour your need for rest more fully?

4. Explore your relationship with self-love. What are some ways you can cultivate a deeper sense of self-love and self-compassion in your daily life?

5. Consider the concept of receiving as a sacred practice. How comfortable are you with receiving compliments, support, or gifts from others?

6. What beliefs or fears might be blocking your ability to receive fully?

7. Reflect on a time when you trusted your intuition and it led you in the right direction. What did that experience teach you about the wisdom of your inner knowing?


These journal prompts are designed to help you explore and deepen your connection to your divine feminine energy, leading to greater self-awareness, self-love, and empowerment. Take your time with each prompt, allowing yourself to delve deeply into your inner world and uncovering the wisdom that lies within.


Are you looking to explore deeper? Have you been craving more rest, connection to your divine feminine?

Book a Connection Call with me For FREE!


Dive into our Online Programs at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.


I love to connect with souls who are on their transformation journey. It is so beautiful and such an honour to be a witness to your growth and Rising!


In love and gratitude,



"The moment you surrender to love and allow it to lead you to exactly where your soul wants to go, you will have no difficulty.” Neale Donald Walsch

For the past 3 years I have devoted myself to lead life from my heart. There has been a LOT of unlearning. Unlearning who I thought I was, who I was told I was and who I was "supposed" to be. Unlearning many stories, beliefs and even the ways in which I acted. One of the biggest pieces I learned about leading a life from the heart is TRUST. People always said during my healing journey just "surrender" surrender into the medicine, surrender into a man, surrender into life but I couldn't do it. I realized during my healing journey that I wanted to surrender but I did not know how to let go of the control. I have been through a lot of trauma in my life and I did not trust life, I did not trust anyone or anything. I did not even trust myself. How could I trust this when all I knew was many bad choices I had made that led me to many painful situations. I first had to heal my sense of Trust. First to trust myself again. This took time and practices. It took self forgiveness, it took healing, patience and compassion. Eventually I stopped doubting my decisions or asking people if I had made the right decision. Once I started to trust myself I then could start to trust the universe again. I said affirmations daily and watched for proof that the universe always had my back, that everything was working out best case scenario. I did a ton of masculine wound healing so my feminine would feel safe and this is where the magic happened. When my masculine energy was not depleted and in overdrive and I was safe, secure and stable in a healthy way my feminine energy started to emerge. When she began to emerge I felt the surrendering just naturally happen. I trusted myself, I trusted the universe and when we feel safe and we can trust that we are loved and supported we no longer have the need to control everything because we know that the universe has got us. The universe has our back and is literally conspiring for our highest good. Once I trusted my own inner masculine my divine masculine partner also showed up. Now in an external relationship I am in surrender with Universe, my partner and all of life flows so beautifully in the art of surrender.

Now I am not saying this all happened over night. This took time and alot of inner healing and work. Breathwork, Kambo and shadow work. I am sharing this so you too can feel and know that If I can do this you can too. 

Inner Inquiry

1. Notice patterns. Notice and become aware of when you are controlling things.

2. Notice when you are trying to control others and how does this feel?

3. What is your main energy in- Masculine or Feminine? or is it balanced? (Not sure read my posts on this below)

4. Do you trust your self to make decisions?

5. Do you trust divine/universe and god?

6. What would happen if you just let go and allowed?

7. Can you open to new ways of being?

8. What beliefs do you have about surrendering?

9. What beliefs do you have about Control?

Here are some practices that have helped me learn to surrender:

  • ​Yoga

  • Somatic Breath work

  • Cold plunges

  • Journaling

  • Shadow work

  • Kambo

  • Sananga

All of these modalities assist us in accepting ourself, the feelings, the discomforts we may feel, and to observe that we are safe in these 

Most of these assist us in regulating our nervous system and release stored trauma and patterns. 

Im sending you so much love on your journey and I hope you find this helpful. 

In gratitude, 


Neon Love

Love is one of the Highest frequencies

Love is a powerful force that can transform and heal every aspect of our being. When we open ourselves to receiving unconditional love, we raise our frequency and vibration, inviting profound healing into our lives. Love is not limited to romantic relationships or familial ties; it encompasses the love we have for ourselves, our friends, and all living beings. Love has the power to dissolve blockages in our soul, heart, and mind, allowing us to experience profound growth and evolution.

Love is one of the highest frequencies that we can feel and connect with. Love melts all blockages. Love heals all areas of our lives. 

Love is infinite. Love is limitless.

I used to believe that I had to "do things" or be a certain way to receive love. As a child I mostly received love and attention when I was doing chores, bringing home good grades, when I was quiet and behaved. So this is how I learned how to receive love. As I grew older and began in other relationships I thought I always had to be Doing things or pleasing them in order to receive love back. After years of healing myself, inner child wounds and learning about what love actually is  I learned and realized that WE ARE LOVE. We do not need to do anything. We are loved just as we are. LOVE is ENERGY. LOVE is INFINITE. and my dear sweet friend you are more then worthy of receiving love just by being you! 

Inner Inquiry:

How do you experience love?

Has love been conditional in your life experience? 

How do you love yourself?

How do you give love?

What is your love language?

What has been your teaching, beliefs about love?

Want to go deeper? 

Book a FREE connection Call 

 Sending you so much love



Living in the Flow

When we live in the flow of life and we are relaxed, the universe brings us miracles. All of us are worthy of these miracles and of the unconditional love and support from the Universe. Many of us have been told that we have to 'do' all of these things in order to receive love, success, and abundance. We have been told that when we 'do' or 'obtain' that thing, we will be worthy of happiness, love, or abundance. But I'm here to tell you this is not true. All you have to do is 'BE.' Just by being you, you're unique beautiful self, you are enough, you are worthy.

For most of my life I believed this narrative too. I went to school worked hard to get my degree, the perfect job, got married, had kids and owned my home but yet I still felt like something was missing. I still felt like I had to do more, achieve more and I never felt like I was enough. The harder I worked, the more burnt out I felt, the more lost and disconnected I felt. As I started on this spiritual transformation journey I started to realize that all I am seeking is within. Once I started to put my focus on myself and learning to love myself I let go of the stories that I had to do more, accomplish more and that I was enough just as I was. You too are more than enough. 

Inner Inquiry

Do you live in the flow?

Do you feel like your joy, success and abundance is outside of yourself?

Do you feel as though you need to obtain more to be enough?

Are you distracting yourself with doing more?

Are you continuously taking courses? certifications?

How often do you spend time just "being" ?

How often do you spend time alone?

Do you believe in miracles?

Wishing you the inner knowing that you are enough just as you are. YOu do not have to do anything except be you! 

In love and breath, 


Forest Backpack Traveler

Self Forgiveness

I believe that we are here to experience life both the highs and the lows. In this life, we feel. We feel a lot! We feel emotions. Emotions are simply energy in motion. This energy is meant to “move”. When we don’t allow the emotions to just flow, the energy gets stuck in our bodies, clogs our physical bodies, and causes dis-ease.

Today, I want to share my insights about the emotion of Guilt. In my experience Guilt feels heavy and sticky. Guilt comes into us when we feel bad about something we have done or said. When we don’t clear out the guilt, it becomes sticky and heavy in our hearts, weighs on our minds, and wreaks havoc in our lives. This emotion can come up in a sneaky way even when we don’t feel bad in the present situation but old feelings of guilt come back up.

We all have experienced the feeling guilt in our lives. Many of us hold it so tightly and ruminate on things for our entire life time or until we take the time to sit and unpack it.

I use the analogy of; guilt is like rocks you carry in your back pack. When we are ready we can open the back pack up and one at a time look at the rocks and let them go.

It is maybe not as easy as just “letting it go” it can take some deep introspection as to what guilt your harbouring. Be patient with yourself. How to free yourself from Guilt is to forgive yourself.

The Negative Impact of Guilt

Guilt affects us on multiple levels. It creates emotional turmoil, disturbs our mental peace, and even manifests as physical ailments. By holding onto guilt, we hinder our growth, block positive energy, and prevent ourselves from embracing spiritual wellness.

The Power of Self-Forgiveness

Self-forgiveness is the key to releasing guilt and unlocking our spiritual potential. When we forgive ourselves, we free ourselves from the burdens of the past and open up space for healing, growth, and transformation. Through self-forgiveness, we cultivate self-love, compassion, and inner peace.

Practicing Self-Forgiveness

To practice self-forgiveness, start by acknowledging the guilt and the actions or words that caused it. Reflect on the lessons learned from the experience and the growth that has occurred. Then, forgive yourself wholeheartedly, understanding that you are human, capable of making mistakes, and deserving of love and forgiveness.

Embrace Self-Forgiveness for Spiritual Wellness

Self-forgiveness is an essential aspect of spiritual wellness. It allows us to release negativity, let go of the past, and align with our higher selves. By forgiving ourselves, we create space for healing, joy, and self-empowerment. Embrace the power of self-forgiveness on your spiritual journey and experience transformation from within.


Here is how I have been freeing myself from the Guilt rocks in my backpack.

  1. Write a list of all the things you have done or said that hurt others

  2. Write a list of all the mistakes you have made

  3. Then go back over the list and ask yourself the following questions and answer yourself as if you’re talking to your best friend to each item in the list. Take as much time as you need, be patient and kind to yourself through this process.

  • Did I purposely want to hurt this person?

  • Was I acting consciously?

  • Was I triggered at the time and acting from my pain?

  • Am I ready to let this go now and put the rock down?

  • If I continue to carry this Guilt rock what is it doing for me? For the other person?

  • What lesson did I learn from this?

If your ready to let it go write to yourself or look in the mirror and speak to yourself the following:

I forgive you for this action/words as I know you were not acting from your authentic self, you wet not speaking/acting from your heart.

I forgive you and I release you of this weight and I let you go now.

I love you and I forgive you unconditionally.

When I let this go, I feel peace and relief.


After this process do something soul nourishing for yourself.


I wish you the deepest peace and self compassion in this process.

I do not believe in mistakes and all we experience is divine and meant to happen for our greatest knowing.

Find in your heart the love and compassion for yourself.


Warm hugs

In love and Breath,


Wheat field


Recently I have been feeling into what keeps me captive. Where do I feel stuck? The answer I received is the truth we are the only ones keeping ourselves stuck, small, and captive. There is always a way out and it is IN. The journey in life is always IN. Whatever you're experiencing on the external plane it is showing you what is IN-side of you. If you feel happy notice everyone around you smiling back, people are friendly, the day feels good and easy, etc. When you feel sad or upset others around will mirror this back to you with grumpy people, aggressive drivers, etc. I want to be clear here ALL emotions are normal and there is no "good" or "bad". My coach calls them "low and slow" emotions. I realize that on this journey we get to feel the low and slow and when we feel the highs after feeling the slow and slow ones they are even more potent because I allowed myself to feel into the low and slow ones.

When we allow ourselves to sit in all the emotions we move through the experience with ease and move quickly to the other side of it. When I used to resist the low and slow emotions I would be in the heavy feelings longer, and more painfully.

Freedom is the title this week because I recently have been feeling stuck, feeling captive and I have been working through a lot of blocks that I created. (We are the creators of our own reality). As I have been sitting in this space for a LONG time. I realized last week that it is time to get unstuck and create a new reality. So as I have done this internal work of clearing the old beliefs, the old stories, the fears, the pain, and the what-ifs, and decided to start making moves that create how I want to feel. I want to feel free, I want to live and breathe my purpose.

When we want something it means we don't have it. So I started to FEEL it, I became it. I became free. I became my purpose. I made moves, big moves including I moved into a new house last year. I built a wellness center. I brought together like-minded people and built a community. I started to build my life how I desired. I created a new life and reality. Today I made another big move.

Each day unwind from the programming we receive to stay small, stay quiet, be normal, be compliant, be complacent, act a certain way, follow certain steps, have the house, the husband, the kids, the dog, and the 9-5 job. When we start unraveling all the programs and releasing what is not our truth we start to own our Truth. We become FREE.

The Truth inside of us is our Freedom.

Now I celebrate my truth. I celebrate my life. I celebrate you.

I celebrate freedom.


Inner Inquiry

Do you feel stuck in any area of your life?

Where do you feel contracted?

Look deeply and see if you created this place you are in?

What does your external reality show you?

What do you see?

What are your thoughts saying?

What low and slow emotions do you feel?

Do you try to not feel them?

Do you try to move through them quickly? When is this over?

Do you surrender to the emotions?

Is there any small steps you can make towards your desire today?




What is life mirroring to you?


Sending you so much love, peace, harmony and soul nourishment.


In love and Breath




This Sunday we offer the SomatiQ Breathwork RESET along with a sound bath and Cacao ceremony to open up our hearts, and ground into our own Truth.


Friday the 13th- Its not what you think

Day of the Goddess

"Goddess knows, what it is in the depths of our souls. As a river shall flow, our directions unfold. Goddess knows, the birth as the death opens our souls to divinity within our sacred whole." ~Ulonda Faye


The day of the Goddess is this Friday October 13th, Before the patriarchy the divine feminine in us all was honoured on every Friday the thirteenth. This is a day where we honour all of creation, birth, death and rebirth. Where we honour the cycles of the moon, the seasons, and our own menstrual cycles. There is 13 moon cycles and 13 woman's menstrual cycles in a year. It is said that we as woman travel through 13 Goddess Archetypes in our lives. These cycles show us the gift of shedding the old, creating new and honouring the cycles each month, each season and each year. This is a time to observe your own cycles. This is a time to nourish the feminine energies within you, honour the beauty that resides within you and all the bountiful beauty outside of you.

Long ago woman when they were bleeding, she was considered to be embodying the magic divine feminine powers. She was regarded by all for her wisdom, intuition and messages from spirit.

When a woman was ovulating usually on the 13th day of the month if she was in sync with the moon. She was considered to be in the height of her power and was celebrated for her ability to receive, hold and create new life.

When the patriarchy took power over society they shamed woman for bleeding and ovulating. They dismissed their power and wisdom. It was shamed to have and hold new life. This is where the myth of Friday 13th began to be told as bad luck or an unlucky day.

This day is not just for woman it is for us all, we all embody the divine feminine energy within us. Take some time today to connect to your emotions, and sensitivities and give thanks to the divine creation in all of us.


Inner Inquiry

Do you pay attention to the moon cycle?

Do you connect with the cycles of the sun?

Do you feel the change of the seasons?

How do handle the changes in the cycles of the season ?

How do handle the ebbs and flows of life?

How do you nourish your feminine energy?

Do you honour and celebrate your menstrual cycle?

What are your creating?

What is shedding in your life?

What is rebirthing?



Divine Feminine Ritual

Here is one way you can celebrate your divine feminine on this special day of the Goddess.

  1. Set the mood by finding a cozy quiet place.

  2. Brew yourself a cup of tea and use your favourite tea cup

  3. Light a few candles. Use matches if you have some and pay attention to the sound of the strike.

  4. Choose and apply essential oils to your wrists, and neck. Or burn some incense or herbs. Use scents associated with Venus such as rose, jasmine or vanilla.

  5. Write in your journal a minimum of 5 "I AM" affirmations and divine declaration that will help raise your vibration such as "I am abundant" "I am beautiful inside and out"

  6. Say these out loud and feel them move through you

  7. Write these affirmation on sticky notes or small paper with tape. Place them on your mirror.

  8. Gaze into the mirror looking at all your beauty and say the affirmations out loud while you look into your eyes.

  9. Take a warm wash cloth and wash your face slowly with slow motions. feeling it be mindful and present.

  10. Now get your oil or lotion and give your whole body some extra love, add in some lavender oil and end with your feet. Caressing your feet. Nourishing your entire body form head to toe.

  11. Go cozy up in your bed. Adding Start journaling if you would like to add any thoughts from the experience, Or Journal from the prompts above. Sleep like the Goddess that you are.



Sending you so much love, peace, harmony and may this ritual bring you soul nourishment.


In love and Breath


Harmonizing your Divine Feminine and Masculine Energies

Harmonizing the Divine energies within

Balancing the divine feminine and masculine energies within.
Today I want to talk about harmonizing the masculine and feminine energies within. The last two weeks I shared about masculine energies and feminine energies. I shared the healthy and the wounded aspects of each of these and how to embody them. If you missed them you can read them in my blog.These energies affect your creative and spiritual life. Often these energies are referred to as Yin and Yang. It's a captivating topic that I have been reading, studying and learning within myself for the last two years. These energies are always pulsing within you. But it's easy to forget to accept, acknowledge and embody both. When one energy becomes dominant that's when life feels off-balance. Symptoms of feeling this imbalance may be burn out, anxiety, or longing. When we can understand these energies it makes connecting to your inner wisdom easier. When your energies are in harmony you'll feel a greater sense of peace and compassion. You'll feel more energized and connect better with other people. We'll discuss in more detail how to harmonize them but first I want to point out: No one will ever attain a perfect balance of the feminine and masculine. That is not the goal. Focus instead on using this knowledge to become more self aware. To become a kinder, more loving version of yourself. The truth is feminine energy without masculine energy isn't complete. And vice versa. When masculine energy is too dominant you may not feel valued, nurtured, or appreciated. You'll feel tired, stressed, overworked and unloved. It doesn't help when society encourages this by rewarding a masculine, ego-driven way of being. By overworking, and over achieving and still not feeling enough. When feminine energy is too dominant you feel unsupported, unfocused, scattered and unstable. Without purpose or direction and therefore you feel no sense of success. You may feel ungrounded, irritable and lonely. The effects of having unbalanced masculine and feminine energy can be extensive and devastating. When we allow one energy to dominate over the other, we lose our sense of balance and harmony in our lives. This could lead to physical, emotional, and psychological issues. I’ve seen firsthand the effects of having unbalanced masculine and feminine energy. In my experience, the most common issue is a feeling of being stuck and blocked, unable to move forward with our lives. We can become overly focused on one particular aspect of our lives, which can lead to feelings of frustration and can lead to depression and anxiety. When we are unbalanced it can also affect our relationships. We can become dependent on our partners or aggressive in our attempts to control them. Our relationships will begin to suffer and fall out of harmony. On a deeper level, having unbalanced masculine and feminine energy can lead to a lack of connection with our true selves. We can start to feel lost and disconnected from our inner wisdom, our intuition, and our spiritual being. This can lead to a loss of creativity and a feeling of being stuck, unable to move forward on our paths. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to balance these two energies in order to create a sense of wholeness and harmony in our self. It’s important to remember that both energies are strong and powerful in their own way. Energy is neither superior nor inferior; right or wrong ; they are simply different. When they are in balance, they can create something truly spectacular. One of the keys to balancing masculine and feminine energy is to be mindful of the qualities of each energy and how they can work together. With a little practice, you can create something truly beautiful in your life. How to balance these we must first understand which of the energies is dominant or over taking the other. Complete these journal prompts and tune into your self to see where you have an imbalance. Once you know which one is over riding the other start to focus on the opposite one to embody and practice being in that energy more. For example if your masculine is more dominant then start to learn to embrace and embody your feminine energies. Tips and suggestions were all provided in the previous two posts please return to my blog if you want to review.

Inner Inquiry:
Where are you on your spiritual journey?

Are you feeling under-appreciated and not nurtured enough?

Do you feel scattered, unfocused, and directionless?

Do you feeling overly emotional?

Do you feel stuck or stagnant?

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut or like you’re going nowhere fast?

Do you feel overwhelmed?

Do you have difficulty making decisions?

Do you feel disconnected?

Which energy do you feel is more dominant in your life right now?

I hope these teachings inspire you to find the balance within and that you begin to find peace, love and harmony within. So within so without. As we heal our inner world the outer world will reflect this back to you.

If your feeling stuck, lost, stagnant and would like to go deeper. I offer free connection calls. Let’s connect.

In love and breath,


Outdoor shooting

Connecting and Healing your Inner Feminine Energies

Inner Feminine Energies
We all have feminine and masculine energies. One may be your core energy. We as humans have both masculine and feminine energies. This has nothing to do with what gender we are. It is just a different energy just like the moon and the sun. On the spiritual journey is another tool to learn about ourselves. To learn about these energies, heal any areas that are wounded and learn to use them for our best life. The ultimate goal is to have our masculine and feminine energies in balance. This is the Yin and Yang. This is the balance of light and dark.

Today I'm going to share a little bit about the feminine energies. Last week I shared insight about the inner masculine and next week about balancing the two.


The divine feminine/ healthy feminine energy is in your feelings, receptivity. intuition, sensations, gentleness, vulnerability, expressive, creative, playful Yin energy. This energy serves us in life by being able to feel and express human emotions and to have access to your divine intuition. Your feminine energy is your inner healer.

An analogy I like to use with my clients is to look at a stream or river. The masculine is the shoulder of the stream, the rocks and materials that hold, protect and ground the stream water in. The feminine is the water flowing down the stream. With a strong, stable, foundation and a clear direction for the water to flow. The water is free to flow down stream with ease. If the foundation is not strong and stable the water would overflow, going everywhere creating floods etc.


What does divine feminine energy look like?

  • Grounded, receptive, and reflective

  • Strong boundaries

  • gracious in her strength

  • loving, empathetic, compassionate and supportive

  • Knows what she wants and asks for it

  • Vulnerable

  • Authentic

  • Not afraid to speak her heart and does so with no shame

  • flows through life effortlessly

  • knows how to surrender, be open and trusting

  • Naturally intuitive and listens to her heart (not her mind)

  • manifests and creates

  • Confident in her body and her femininity

  • Exudes beautiful, sensual energy and attracts naturally



When our feminine energy is wounded or unhealthy we may see patterns or behaviors such as:

  • Insecure and looks externally for validation

  • critical and her loved ones feel like they can never do anything right

  • needy in relationships and begs for love and attention

  • has difficulty controlling emotions

  • tends to be manipulative

  • is afraid of loss and is very attached (in an obsessive way)

  • Over connects, over shares her emotions and needs

  • is desperate for love and always chasing it

  • feels like a victim

  • sacrifices herself, prioritizes others at her own expense

  • comes across as inauthentic

  • has an unhealthy internal masculine: no boundaries and self control

Feminine Wounds manifest as:

  • Being Flighty

  • Scattered

  • Complaining

  • Comparing

  • Gossiping

  • Repeating toxic relationships

  • Codependency

  • People pleasing

  • Worrying

  • Door mat

  • Shame

  • Fear

  • Guilt

  • Possible pain on the left side of the body

The Wounded feminine feels unsafe in her own body. She is rigid, guarded and stiff. There is not a lot of play, joy or softness in her presence.

The healing of the wounded feminine comes through the activation of your inner emotional body to feel and heal the pain. Find some time to journal about your feminine energies. Allow yourself to feel and release any pain associated with this.

Inner Inquiry:

What is your view of the feminine?

What is your relationship like with feminine in your self?

Do you resonate with any of the statements above?

Do you feel your feminine energy is healthy? or Wounded?

Do you spend time complaining, gossiping and comparing?

Where do you think this comes from?

What is your relationship like with your Mother? Grandmother? Other women, girls, feminine influences?

In your parents relationship was your mom more masculine? dad more feminine?

What areas of your feminine energy can use some healing?

Do you repress your feminine energy? If your constantly repressing your feminine energy how will feel soft, flow, creative, and sensual ?


Practice Embodiment of the Feminine

Simple Embodiment practices for the Feminine energy:

Flow. Practice each morning with intention setting for the day. Then just let your day unravel. No to do lists. Just let things come to you. BE RECEPTIVE. Practice slowing down and letting life happen.

Softness through movement. Put on one song that brings you joy. Notice your body and where you hold tension? Breathe Consciously and slowly. Start to slowly move this area in CIRCLES, roll your shoulders, wrists, Close your eyes and just FEEL and CONNECT to your body. Move it how it wants to move. LISTEN to your own rhythm. Slow, soft movements get connected to your heart, your womb and your body.

Intuition. This is a practice. Start an intuition journal. Write down thoughts, feelings that come to you. Start to see all the ones that come true. Use a divination tool such as tarot by choosing a card intuitively and watching it unfold.

Create. What brings you joy? Is it baking, cooking, art, photography, writing, singing, dancing? we are all here to enjoy this life. It is not always about WORK, Healing, and progressing. It is about BEING, it is about PLEASURE and PLAY.

When is the last time you played? had pleasure? or were just BEING not DOING anything.

This is the feminine energy to just BE, FLOW, CREATE and follow your intuition your inner guidance system.

Enjoy taking some time to honour, respect and love your feminine energies. The feminine serves us well when we are using this energy in a healthy way.

Missed last weeks MASCULINE wisdom? Go back and check it out?

Stay tuned for next Wisdom Wednesday will be about balancing the masculine and feminine energies.


In love and breath,


Inner Masculine Energies

Inner Masculine Energies
We all have feminine and masculine energies. One may be your core energy. We as humans have both masculine and feminine energies. This has nothing to do with what gender we are. It is just a different energy just like the moon and the sun. On the spiritual journey is another tool to learn about ourselves. To learn about these energies, heal any areas that are wounded and learn to use them for our best life. The ultimate goal is to have our masculine and feminine energies in balance. This is the Yin and Yang. This is the balance of light and dark.

Today I'm going to share a little bit about the masculine energies. Next week the feminine and the following week the balancing of the two.


The divine masculine/ healthy masculine energy is in decisions, execution, action, the "doing", protective, supportive, grounded, stable, secure, logical and leadership. This energy serves us by directing us, steering us and helps us be clear and decisive with our mission and purpose.

An analogy I like to use with my clients is to look at a stream or river. The masculine is the shoulder of the stream, the rocks and materials that hold, protect and ground the stream water in. The feminine is the water flowing down the stream. With a strong, stable, foundation and a clear direction for the water to flow. The water is free to flow down stream with ease. If the foundation is not strong and stable the water would overflow, going everywhere creating floods etc.


What does a divine masculine energy look like?

  • Present and can listen without distraction

  • Non Judgmental

  • Creates a safe environment

  • Doesn't take things personally

  • A guiding force, supporting and encouraging

  • Has discipline, and knows when to be focused

  • Shows integrity, Is honest and accountable

  • Humble

  • Is of service and does what is in the highest good

  • Grounded


When our masculine energy is wounded or unhealthy we may see patterns or behaviors such as:

  • competitive and always wants to win

  • focused on goals and attached to success

  • tends to avoid connection and can be cold and distant

  • takes everything personally

  • needs to be right

  • fears failure

  • defends self, attacks and accuses

  • sometimes runs away from love, withdraws, creates separation

  • can be aggressive

  • critical and judgmental

  • narcissistic and selfish

  • cant really deeply listen to others

  • stuck in the mind

  • not in touch with his emotions

  • has addictions to work, drugs, tv, social media etc.

  • has unhealthy, internal feminine who is serious, rigid and controlling

Masculine Wounds manifest as:

  • overworking

  • overthinking

  • forceful

  • aggressive

  • emotionally unavailable

  • numb

  • distracted from the present moment

  • ego driven

  • rigid, tense

  • possible pain on right side of body

  • constantly chasing the next high (sex, drugs, money, addiction)

The wounded masculine tries to intimidate and dominate through life, acting aggressive and overpowering.

The healing of the wounded masculine comes through the activation of your inner emotional body to feel and heal the pain. Find some time to journal about your masculine energies. Allow yourself to feel and release any pain associated with this.

Inner Inquiry:

What is your view of the masculine?

What is your relationship like with masculine in your self?

Do you resonate with any of the statements above?

Do you feel your masculine energy is healthy? or Wounded?

Where do you think this comes from?

What is your relationship like with your Dad? Grandfather? Other male/masculine influences?

In your parents relationship was your mom more masculine?

What areas of your masculine energy can use some healing?

Do you repress your masculine energy? If your constantly repressing your masculine energy how will feel grounded, supported, safe in your body?


Practice Embodiment of the Masculine

Simple Embodiment practices for the Masculine energy:

Grounding. Practice grounding your energy by walking barefoot, getting in nature near nature. Breathing deeply into your pelvis. Imagining roots from your feet into the earth.

Practice stillness by breathing. Focusing on your breath. Notice everything in your environment. Slow everything down.

Make Clear Decisions. When needing to make a decision. Make them clear with confidence. Take your time.

Meditation practice helps to ground, be present and in the moment which is wonderful for all masculine energies.

Enjoy taking some time to honour, respect and love your masculine energies. The masculine serves us well when we are using this energy in a healthy way.

Stay tuned for next Wisdom Wednesday will be about the feminine energies.


In love and breath,





Spiritual Nuggets, Mediations, Mantras, Journal Prompts and more to guide you within

""Nourish yourself with the water of love to grow flowers of happiness in the garden of your heart" ~ Debasish Mridha

April 26,2023

Nourishing your Self

As spring has started here in Canada. We are seeing flowers blooming, buds on trees, more birds and animals coming out or returning home after winters frost. We are seeing longer days and more sunshine. We are starting to clear the dead leaves and fallen branches. We are nourishing our gardens, yards and areas around us. We may be planning our summer gardens or even started to plant some seeds. 

Just as we tend to our outdoor clean up, plants and blooms outside of us it is important to tend to our inner self. Nourishing our selves. 

Take a moment today and connect to yourself.

Here are some of the ways to connect deeply to yourself:

Breath is vital life force energy. When we slow down and consciously breath we are connecting deeply to our self

Meditation slows down the mind and calms the nervous system

Journaling allows our self expression 

Connecting to Nature brings us more into our bodies, grounds our energies and connects us to Pachamama and her nourishment

Baths or other bodies of water helps to wash away old energies, calms the body, and centers us

How do you connect to yourself?

When we connect more deeply to ourselves, learning to listen to what our body, mind and spirit needs and then nourish our self our frequency changes, our vibration shifts and our external reality will shift too. It is magical. Fill your own cup up first, then your giving with a full cup. When we change our inner world the external world shifts. So within, so without! 

Inner Inquiry

Stop, breathe and connect-  asking your inner self

What do you need to feel more nourished?

What needs to be cleared- what debris is there still from the past weeks, months, years? How can I let this go? (journaling, expressing emotion, breath work, coaching, a call with a friend, writing a letter, forgiving)

What needs to be started? (what small step can I make today to start)

What new ideas do I have that need some watering and care?

What new places, experiences do I want to have this spring? summer? Fall?

What small steps can I take to start these plans?

What foods does my body need now?

Have I been providing myself with enough water?

Have I been moving my body the way it wants to move? How does my body want to move? 

Have I been allowing my body enough rest? Sleep? time to integrate all the healing I've been doing?

Have I been allowing myself enough space to do nothing? to just be?

Where have I been forcing? Or not letting grow?

You may be surprised what your body, mind and souls answers are as you tune in to what would make you feel more nourished today!

Just like our gardens- they need some tending to, some gentle clearing, watering, nourishing, sunshine, and attention. Where our attention goes - Energy flows. What you want to flourish that is what you nourish. Where in your life do you want to flourish? focus there and nourish that part of you. 

I am honoured and grateful to assist on your journey to healing yourself. As we heal our self we heal the world. 

Sending you so much love, wisdom, peace, love and harmony to you.

In love and breath,


"I am a gardener of life, the heart is my garden, love is my flower, and joy is the fragrance. — Debasish Mridha

April 19, 2023

As Quoted by the Heart Math Institute " Heart intelligence is the flow of awareness, understanding and intuition we experience when the mind and emotions are brought into coherent alignment with the heart. It can be activated through self-initiated practice, and the more we pay attention when we sense the heart is speaking to us or guiding us, the greater our ability to access this intelligence and guidance more frequently. Heart intelligence underlies cellular organization and guides and evolves organisms toward increased order, awareness and coherence of their bodies’ systems." (to learn more about heart intelligence

Your heart has 60x more intelligence than your brain so why don't most of us use our heart as a compass? As a guide? How often do you hear people say to you when your making a decision- think about it, analyze it, weigh the pros and cons? Or What does your gut say?

Yet, Our heart is much more intelligent because this is our message center. our center where we receive messages and information from our soul. Some people call this Intuition.

In our world our mind takes over so much of our decisions that we have lost touch with our heart, our soul. But its not too late to make changes and to begin to tap into this deep inner knowing and wisdom of your beautiful heart.

Your heart will never lead you astray.

Ways to Tune into your Heart?

Daily practice

When you first wake up- place your hand on your heart and connect in silence. You may feel physical sensation, hear a message, know an answer or maybe you feel nothing for a while until you get accustomed to this connection.

Say "hello my heart, I apologize for being disconnected. I am listening now. I love you"

When wanting to make a decision

Connect the same way as above

Ask your heart the question and then observe the answer. It may not come right away but if you ask you will receive.

This is a practice so be patient and gentle with yourself

Be quiet and listen to the inner whispers of your beautiful heart

Three Practices to increase your Heart Intelligence

1. Appreciation

When you can tap into the feelings of appreciation of a person, experience etc. you automatically are tuning into the frequency of your heart and all those good feelings warm you.

Practice- For 5 minutes each day write what you are grateful for

2. Non Judgement

When we are in a state of judgement of someone or something whether it is a good or bad we are creating a sense of separation, analyzing and categorizing which brings us back into our mind.

Practice -when you notice judgement tune into the body- how does it feel? limiting? contracting? Try to shift your perspective to "neutral" it just is

3. Forgiveness

When we are unable to forgive and let go we are creating a debt in our energy system. It is like a suitcase your carrying from days, weeks, months or even years. When you can put it down your no longer holding this energy in your system. It is one of the most subtle yet most significant depletions.

Practice -look for opportunities to forgive as this is way to return your own energy and power

Inner Inquiry

What is your relationship with your heart?

What is your relationship with your mind?

What is your relationship with your body?

Do you feel they are connected? if so, how? If not, why?

Is there one part you feel more connected to than another? why do you think that is?

What has your experience been with intuition?

Have you ever felt your intuition and not followed it and then realized you knew this would happen?

Who/What do you appreciate?

Where in your life do you hold judgement?

Is there any person or experience you could forgive?

How are you tending to the garden in your heart?

Sending you so much love, wisdom, peace, love and harmony to you and your beautiful heart.

In love and breath,


"“Go back and take care of yourself. Your body needs you, your feelings need you, your perceptions need you. Your suffering needs you to acknowledge it. Go home and be there for all the things.” ~Thich Nhat Hahn

April 11, 2023

Sweet bright souls it is so important to put yourself first. To take care of your whole self. Your body, mind and spirit. Maybe it is new for you to feel emotions, to go in deeply to yourself but I cannot share enough how it is the deep work with your SOMA your body has been key in my healing transformation.

You are your own healer. No one can do the work for you, you re strong enough and your body knows exactly what you need. Practice tuning in. Sometimes we need a guide along the way or a trusted friend or coach to help us when we’re stuck but you have the inner wisdom. sometimes we need to clear the trauma, patterns and limits out of our way so we can Remember our path and who we are.

Here is some ways you can deeply connect:

Take 5 minutes (or more) each day to just be in silence to listen to your body (emotions and feel them)


When you feel an emotion - don’t stop it from flowing allow yourself to feel it fully

Breathe - Breathwork is a powerful modality to release these stuck emotions

Talk to a safe person who can just hold space to listen


Inner child healing

when you feel emotions acknowledge them and become friends with them

Practice connecting your intuition or gut

Inner Inquiry

What does my body need right now?

What feelings need acknowledging ?

Where have I suffered in the past that needs to be processed?

How can I hold space for myself?

How can I nourish these emotions ? Where do I need help?

Who do I trust to share this with?

What is my association to anger? Sadness?

What does my intuition or gut saying?

I hope this short and sweet insight resonates for you and assists you on your spiritual journey. I am sending you so much love, peace, harmony and deep inner understanding of your bright beautiful soul.

in love and breath


"Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace to today, and creates a vision for tomorrow" ~Melody Beattie

April 5, 2023

Gratitude is being thankful, readiness to show appreciation and return to kindness. Gratitude as a spiritual or wellness practice can provide you with so many benefits. When we are in a place of gratitude your energy vibration, frequency raises to one of the highest frequencies. It can be a simple practice to incorporate into your daily life if you are not already doing so. It can also be a part of deeper emotional healing when you can change your perspective of someone, something or an experience from a "negative" to a "positive" find the silver lining

Today I went to the basement to get some tomato sauce for dinner and I found 4-5 inches of water. our basement completely flooded. I prayed to the universe please let this be something minor. I will not know why or where all this water has come from until an assessment has been done and all the water is being pumped out as I write this. As I was focusing on just breathing and not going down a spiral of negative outcomes. I looked outside and saw my kids playing in all the water being pumped out and dumped to the outside yard. The sun started to shine for the first time today. I laughed and switched my thinking to all the beautiful things around me.

The sun is shining

My kids are happy and healthy

I have insurance on my house

I have this amazing house in the country

We had a lot of rain and the earth needs it

The snow is melting and spring is here

Whatever is not working I am glad we found it so we can fix it

I am safe

and I went on listing all the things in that moment that I was grateful for and my energy shifted to calmer and a knowing that the universe has my back and I am supported.

I know there are days to come to fix things and clean up but I will continue to focus on each moment with gratitude.

Here are some simple ways to practice gratitude:

When you look around the room right now look at all you have to be grateful for:

the air you breath

your body

your clothing keeping you warm

When you first wake up start your day by feeling all the things in the room your grateful for

pillow your head is on

cozy blanket

air your breathing

sun shining through the window


Before you go to sleep at night think of and feel all the things, experiences and people your grateful for

even so called "negative" experiences you can find a new perspective on and can find something to be grateful for

Inner Inquiry

What are you most grateful for?

What are you taking for granted?

Is there a situation or person you feel weighted down by?

How can you shift from this weight to lightness using gratitude?

What is the lesson?

What is the universe showing you?

I am so grateful for each and everyone of you. You all have such beautiful hearts and I am so grateful for your light.

Sending you so much love, wisdom, peace, love and harmony to you and your new attitude of gratitude!

In love and breath,


"To Forgive is to set a prisoner free and to discover that prisoner was you" ~Lewis B. Smedes

March 29 2023

Forgiveness is a practice or a way of living depending on where you are on your spiritual journey. Part of the journey is to Free yourself from everything that is not love. Free yourself from everything that is not you. My dear sweet soul you are love. Let go of the rest. Forgiveness is one way to do that, it is so powerful.

Some of clients will say to me "But Monica, How can I forgive this person who wronged me and hurt me so badly?" My answer is It is not that you condone what they did but rather that you can love yourself enough to let it go, move forward from it and free yourself from the pain, hurt, trauma, upset and all you felt. Everyone makes mistakes, and majority of people are living their lives the best they know how to. Forgiveness is an act of love for your self and for the person who hurt you.

Forgiveness practices can set us free, it can change our vibrational frequencies. When we clear the past we create a new space in our energy field where new positive energies can replace it.

Inner Inquiry

Is there people from the past you still have resentment towards?

Is there people from the past you still feel hurt about?

Is there hurtful events that occurred that still come into your memories?

When you saw this post was there an incident that come up that you think is unforgiveable?

Have you forgiven these events and people?

Is there actions, or words you have done or said that you are holding onto?

Have you forgiven yourself?

Forgiveness Practices

I have been using these two practices to assist me in forgiving myself, others and situations for the past 4 years. I hope you find them resonate along your journey bright soul.

1. Master Sha's (Tao Academy) Forgiveness practices have been so beneficial in my life. I have been clearing karma from this life and all past life times using forgiveness practices. This is at a soul level of forgiveness.

Connecting to your heart in silence

Breathing deeply

Imagine golden light in your heart and their heart

Connecting to the other soul you want to forgive

Stating out loud

Dear my own beloved soul

Dear Divine please come and shine your light on our souls

Dear the soul of ________________

Lets join together as one and set one another free with love peace and harmony

I am sorry for ____ (you can be specific or vague "hurting you"

Please for forgive me

I forgive you for _______ (you can be specific or vague)

Bring Love Peace and Harmony

continue to chant for at least 5 minutes

I forgive you

please forgive me

bring love peace and harmony

When complete thank your soul, thank you to divine, thank the souls who came to forgive

2. Ho'oponopono

Ho’oponopono is a process that frees the Self from this burden, but also allows it to become again what it was, a reflection of Love and Light. When we accept that we are the total sum of all our past thoughts, feelings, words and deeds, that our present life and decision making is colored by memories from the past, we begin to see how the Ho’oponopono technique can change our whole life. It removes the negative effects of thoughts, words, emotions, and deeds from previous incarnations and from current life, cleansing us spiritually, mentally, and physically through a process of repentance, forgiveness, and transmutation, the three ho’oponopono principles.

This is the short version of Ho’oponopono developed by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len.

Say the short version for at least 5 minutes visualizing the person or situation you want to forgive and bring love and light to.

It is the famous 4-phrase mantra that goes like this:

“I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.”

You can find all information about it here:

sending you so much love, peace, harmony and may this forgiveness practice bring you lightness.

In love and Breath


"Seeds must be buried in darkness before they can bloom into light. Seeds cant even begin to bloom without embracing the fertile void of the winter soil."

What has been buried all winter? What is ready to bloom this spring?" ~ Rebecca Campbell

March 22 2023

Happy Spring Equinox/Happy Ostara

On March 20/21 was the Spring Equinox/Ostara/First day of Spring. This day is the balancing of the dualities in our world. The balance of light and dark, day and night, feminine and masculine. We also entered into Aires season. All about Goal setting, lighting fires in our passions, and moving obstacles out of the way. In some traditions this is the first day of the new year, and astrologically it is the first sign of the twelve zodiac signs. A special time of year to reflect on where you are or are not feeling balanced. A great time to reflect on new goals or recommitting to your goals if you have fallen off track.

You may be feeling the spring energies, and noticing the signs of spring such as buds on the trees, the snow melting, water levels are higher and more animals and birds coming out.

This time of year we emerge ourselves from the dark winter, sleepy hibernation, the hermit, winter is a time for going inwards, more resting, restoration and depths of our inner world. Spring is a time to start to plant our intentions, seeds we want to manifest for the next moon cycle, season and beyond.

All that you desire is already within you - its in the dark and when your ready it will emerge a small shoot out into the top of the earth into light. The seed is ready to sprout, then bloom all at the right time. You are just like nature you have seeds (desires/dreams), sprout and blooming times. All is divine, it cant be forced, it cant be rushed. When you plant your seeds do you sit and watch it, and demand it to grow?

Do the same with what your calling in? manifesting?

Plant that seed, water it, nurture it, give it your light but let it grow on its own divine timing.

Here are some simple ways to practice manifesting:

Journal what it is you are wanting to bring in?

Come up with 1-3 goals you want to accomplish?

Write it down as if it already IS

What does this feel like? look like?

Have this goal/affirmation written where you will see it daily. Say it daily

What baby steps can you do daily that would get you towards this goal?

Here is an example:

My goal- Desire- "I desire to feel better in my body"

My affirmations- "My body feels happy and healthy"

Baby steps/actions I can take daily

1. Stretch when I wake up

2. Walk for 20 minutes every day

3. Dance for 2 songs every day (loosen the hips)

4. Drink more water 10 cups a day

5. Limit those chips at night - eat veggies, nuts or fruit instead

6. Eat healthier meals that are more balanced with more veggies

7. Cut down coffee to decafe

Spring Cleaning

I love this time of year for Spring Cleaning too. Spring cleaning out my closet, my house, cupboards, fridges etc. Most of us take time to spring clean our house. Do you spend time cleaning your temple (your body)?

Take note of what needs some clearing out or balancing?

Our body is not just physical, we are multidimensional beings created of many bodies the main ones are the Mind, Physical, Emotional and Spirit.

Inner Inquiry/Journal prompts

Mind- What are you ingesting? Watching? Reading? Are you observing your thoughts? patterns? limiting beliefs?

Physical- What are you ingesting into the physical body? Is it balanced? is it nourishing? Is your body happy? Are you listening to your body? Are you moving? sweating? stretching?

Emotional- Are you connecting to your feelings or shoving them aside? Are you taking to time to check in with how you feel in life? relationships? work? Is it balanced?

Spirit- Are you taking time to connect with your higher being? you inner child? are you balancing play and joy in your life? are you working on your shadow side? are you healing those areas of life where you feel stuck?

Sending you so much love, wisdom, peace, love and harmony to you and your seeds.

In love and breath,


""Time isn't precious at all, because it is an illusion. What you perceive as precious is not time but the one point that is out of time: the NOW. That is precious indeed. The more you are focused on time- past and future- the more you miss the NOW, the most precious thing there is" ~Eckhart Tolle

March 15, 2023

How many of us have heard "time is precious"? I know I have heard that my entire life. One of the most important practices is to be in the NOW. The practice of being in the now, of being present is a PRACTICE. It is one of the fundamental skills during our ascension process. When your present you are fully experiencing life. When your present you are not thinking or worrying about what is next. When your present you are letting go of limiting beliefs and stories of the past. When your present your aware of your emotions and thoughts. When your present you are now in a position to chose and change anything. It is a called a practice for a reason. It takes practice to be present.

Some of you may read this and think I understand Presence. That is easy. I used to think that too until I actually started practicing it. It is an easy concept to understand but it takes years of practice to be fully in the now. I invite you to sit with the words Presence, and Now then integrate them into your being. Each time you notice your thoughts wander to:

What's next

When its summer I am doing this

I cant wait for this Season, event, etc.

the next task, tomorrow, next week, next month

what someone said or did

what I should have said or did

What I did or didn't do

The list goes on. I invite you to practice even just 5 minutes each day of being present with yourself.

How to be present (in the NOW)

Just breathe. Become aware of your body. Connect to your body and the parts that are touching a surface.

Then notice the air around you and how it feels on your skin. Then notice what you see in front of you. Then notice what you hear. Notice any smells. Connect to how you feel. If your thoughts wander to past or future then just gently guide them back to the present by taking a breath in your belly. Just noticing your breath, noticing your thoughts as they wander to either the past or the future. Acceptance is key here, Accept what is. No judgement, No trying to change anything. Just accept whatever is coming up in your thoughts, emotions or your reality. Continuing to return to breath.

The benefits of presence

Reduces stress

Decreases levels of anxiety and depression

Improves memory

Improves relationship dynamics

Positive Physical health outcomes (including pain reduction)

Sending you so much love, wisdom, peace, love and harmony to you and your present moment.

In love and breath,


"An Empowered woman can stoke her inner fire, light up those around her and spark transformation within and without" ~Vanessa Nova

March 8, 2023

Happy International Woman's Day

Celebrating woman today and to bring awareness to the feminine energy within all of us. For me today is a day of honoring our own femininity, woman hood, our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, soul tribe of woman and all woman around the world. I encourage you to take some time today to reflect on your own feminine energy within, your family lineage, your community, your society and the world.

I come from a long line of powerful woman, who were strong in their views, who were goal seekers, leaders in their time, breaking societal views of "what woman can do" I feel this power within my veins and I hear their whispers encouraging me when I am breaking some of my own barriers.

I became empowered when I took my life back in 2019. I was in an unhealthy relationship where I had given away my own light and power. Once a Woman becomes empowered her light will burn brightly inside of her, nothing will get in her way. That fire inside burns all that is in the way of her rising and the transformation that happens is like magic. Just like fire spreads an empowered woman will spread that light to all those around her. RISE SISTER RISE. Can you feel the fire within you?

If your feeling a fire in your belly to make a change, to make a big move, to transform - then light it up, let that fire burn what is in the way, let it light to illuminate the next steps for you to make those changes. You are more powerful then you realize. RISE SISTER RISE

When I re-started my life I was longing for deeper connection to other woman. I realized I did not have a soul tribe, So I built one! Spirit guided me to start hosting woman circles in June 2020. The first few circles was with a couple of girl friends and we just drank tea and pulled tarot cards but this connection to other woman was magical. I felt it deep in my heart, in my soul and in my veins the ancient depth of woman coming together. This little group of woman grew and grew just like wild fire. Sometimes over 20 woman attend our woman's circles. The magic that happens is unexplainable but all woman report leaving circle feeling seen, heard, understood, supported and empowered. They return to their life knowing they are not alone, feeling stronger and feeling deeply connected to that fire.

In this time we realize more and more that we need one another, no more lone wolfing life. Together we are more powerful, together we rise. RISE SISTER RISE.

What does it mean to be embody the feminine?

Being in your feminine energy is to "be" its connecting to the flow of life, your intuition, your sensations, your emotions and just "being" you. Feminine energy is caring, compassionate, unconditional love and kindness. The energy serves you in the sense of being able to feel your human, your emotions and to have access to your divine intuition. Our feminine energy is your own inner healer.

A healthy feminine energy is receptive, open, magnetic, vulnerable, open, trusting, creative, in flow, intuitive, supportive and empathetic (to name a few).

Here are some simple ways to practice embodying your feminine energy:

Dance or move your body slow with feeling

Create ( art, music, writing, poetry)

Connect to your emotions

Connect to nature

Pull some tarot cards and connect to the images

Slow down

Quiet the mind


Inner Inquiry

What is your relationship to your inner feminine?

What is your relationship to your mother? grandmothers? sisters?

Do you repress joy, peace or love?

Do you allow yourself to receive?

What is allowed for the feminine? what is not?

What do you feel are societal views on the feminine?

Do you welcome the depths of your feminine energies?

Do you celebrate your monthly cycle?

Do you love and worship your divine vessel?

What fire is burning inside of you?

Do you go within, and trust your own inner guidance system?

Do you follow your intuition?

I love this topic and for the last 2 years I have been reading. learning and diving deep into the exploration of feminine energies, clearing out and healing my own feminine and masculine wounds, connecting to my ancestors and healing our ancestral line. As I heal and learn I am also guiding, teaching and assisting other woman heal and embody their own femininity. For centuries the feminine has been suppressed and both men and woman have been programmed to embody our masculine more and the world is out of balance. Part of my purpose is to assist in the rise of the feminine and bring the energies back into balance.

Sending you so much love, wisdom, peace, love and harmony to you and your feminine.

In love and breath,


"See the world through the eyes of your inner child. The eyes that sparkle in awe and amazement as they see love, magic and mystery in the most ordinary things". ~Henna Sohail

March 2, 2023

Connecting to your inner child

One of the first and most important aspects of self to connect with and heal is our inner child. When I began my deep healing journey this was huge for me. In the beginning my inner child would not even look at me, or connect with me as I had self abandoned for most of my life. I was so disconnected from her and she was sad. I spent months with her every night crying, releasing all of her pain she had held inside of her. Now we have such a beautiful relationship when we connect we sing, dance, colour and play. Life flows so much more with ease when I am connecting with her and letting her lead more. This is not to say that we play all the time as the reality is that we do have the every day mundane things to do like laundry, dishes, cooking and working.

Some of the ways I connect with my inner child are:

Every morning when I wake up I connect by placing my hand on my heart and say " I love you. I am here for you. I will not abandon you again"

I connect through out the day when I'm driving in your car, when I'm out for a walk, when I'm doing those mundane things.

When I have free time I ask my inner child "what do you want to do today?" And then do it!

When I have been working for a few hours I tune into my inner child and do an activity that will shift my energy back into play, and joy by dancing, singing, going on the sled, going in the woods and other activities that connect me into that play energy

Playing with my own children and my grand daughter brings out my inner child

When I am feeling sad, or in a funk I ask my inner child "what is bothering you?" then I LISTEN and then ask "what do you need in this moment?" then I DO IT!

When we connect more to this magical, playful, joy and unconditional love inside of ourselves our frequency changes, our vibration shifts and our external reality will shift too. It is magical. When we change our inner world the external world shifts. So within, so without!

Inner Inquiry

Have you connected with your inner child?

How do you connect with your inner child?

How often are you connecting?

What is your relationship with your inner child like?

Does your inner child open up to you?

Does your inner child trust you?

What types of activities do you do to nourish your inner child?

If you are new to inner child healing and are looking to dive deeper feel free to connect with me or book a coaching session to begin this powerful deep work. I ran a poll on Instagram for which guided meditation people would like me to record for purchase the results showed inner child was the highest at 56% !! Stay tuned for this to come in the next few weeks.

I am honoured and grateful to assist on your journey to healing yourself. As we heal our self we heal the world.

Sending you so much love, wisdom, peace, love and harmony to you and your inner child.

In love and breath,


"Our Intention Creates our Reality" ~ Wayne Dyer

February 22, 2023

Intentions are causes that create effects. When we live with intention the universe knows what it is we want and desire. Choosing an intention each day, each week, each month, for the year each practice, ore even each moment helps to give us focus and direction in our lives. An intention is the reason or motivation for doing what you do. Every action has an intention it either comes from fear or love. When we set intentions from our heart space (love) life will bring more of this to us. When we chose intention from fear unfortunately life will bring us more of this as well. This is the Universal law of attraction. What we feel and think we receive.

What is your one word intention for today? For the week? For the month? For the Year?

What actions can you take to achieve this?

What feelings/emotions are in alignment with this intention?

How does it feel to embody this word?

Does this intention come from a place of love or fear?

At the beginning of each year I choose a word as my intention for that year. Each Day I recommit to this word as I go throughout my day, starting with my morning practice and routine connecting to this word and how it feels in my body, visualizing how this word impacts my life. Throughout the day when I am making choices I ask myself does this decision add to my intention?

My word for 2023 is Expansion. To Expand my heart, Expand my Mind, Expand my services, Expand my creativity, Expand my connections and to Expand my business. I am expanding. I am growing. I am loving more. I am serving more and serving better. Each day I commit to expanding.

What was your word for 2023?

How are you using this word each day?

I wish you so much love, peace, harmony, abundance and whatever your one word for the year is to be true daily for you. 

In love and breath


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