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Client Love

Meditate at the beach
I have attended multiple sessions with Monica including somatic breathwork, energy healing and yoga. Monica has real talent for healing and holding space. There is a true authenticity and understanding which comes from her own healing journey and a deep  passion and belief in her craft. 
Couldn't recommend Monica More. 

Andrew, St.Jacobs, ON

"Her fierce support made me feel safe and loved unconditionally"

Somatic Breathwork Testimonial 

There are no words to describe my experience of Breathwork with Monica.

Her fierce support made me feel safe and loved unconditionally. I was able to release some deep wounds and left the session feeling clear and strong. Thank-you Monica for your dedication to this work.


QHHT Session

This was an incredibly profound experience. I highly recommend Monica's services, shes knowledgeable and compassionate. The clarity I gained through QHHT sessions have been immeasurable"

~ Kayla

"The clarity I gained through the QHHT sessions have been immeasurable"

I don't know if you remember me but I saw you last spring for a QHHT session. Anyways I just wanted to let you know that during my session, two of the questions my subconscious answered have actually happened and came true! It's really incredible. Anyways I just wanted to let you know. I will likely come back for another session in 2023. 


Purple Glow

Client Shares 

Awaken the Feminine Workshop April  2023 was a profound experience for those who attended and here is what they had to say.


I am simply ecstatic what I experienced during the ceremony and what I still feel inside.

Personally, I went through sort of transformation from being nobody to being a women - very powerful event.

I’m in process of how to be one , what actually means to be allowed to feel and express the feelings with no fear of judgment- so strange and foreign to me.

I’m not longer ashamed to be a woman and quite opposite.

I went through huge renovation of my womb, my female organs are definitely feel different and new.

My experience was for me like turning point.

You have offered such a welcoming, opened, loving arms and hearts.

Both of you did amazing job of leading the circle in helping us to feel, express, be comfortable, trust ourselves and you during the whole process.

I have difficulty to express my self all together and also have poor vocabulary, but I hope I’ve been clear that I’m absolutely ecstatic. I am just starting my life and being a part such a powerful women gathering from start is positively overwhelming.

Looking forward to work with you in the ear future.

Thank you both for being amazing women with a mission of teaching us about ourselves.


I am so thankful for the experience. I really feel I had cleaned some deep issues and feel y soul is more free now. I feel more confident to be me and softly stand up for myself in situation where I would just give in to other peoples opinions. 
That night after our meeting I had a nice dream that I was flying . I think it reflects how my soul feels light, free, joyful. My most profound experience was the breathwork for sure. It really connects us with our individual collective conscious mind and the vision I had of a with being burned in public plaza felt really real. I felt i was helping to clean the collective wound all woman carry deep in our souls. I guess this wound goes so deep we only access it with work and lots of intention toward it. 


My profound experience was being able to let go in the Somatic Breathing. It cleared alot of stuff I was holding on to. The Yoni Bath was very releasing as well. Truly loved the whole day. 
Thank you!
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