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Bright Souls

What We Do

We Offer a Variety of Healing and Transformational Modalities to assist you on your path to healing yourself on all levels body, mind, and soul. If your not sure what to choose or need a little guidance Book a Connection Call with Monica. 

Our Services

Monica is honoured to be a part of your souls journey of bringing in more love, peace, harmony and abundance into your life. 

I am a Healer but I do not believe that I will "heal" you. I believe we are all our own heros and our own healers. We can only heal ourselves. I am a light worker and I will guide you into yourself. and your own light. I can help you discover where your light is dimmed, how to clear the shadow, trauma, suppression, how to get out of the mud where you feel stuck. I will teach you, guide you to heal this for yourself. 
Sometimes this may look like a Relaxing Reiki treatment, A Tao Blessing to clear Soul level Karma, or deeper work using Somatic Breath work or CCMBA. Maybe your looking for insights into your purpose or clarity into lifes sweet challenges then booking in for Somatic Breathwork, Coaching, Shamanic Journeying or QHHT would be more fitting. 

Are you wanting to clear out the old? Energy cleansing sessions such as Cord Removals or Womb/Hara clearings are excellent for this. 

Book in for a One Hour energy session and we can chat and then get into what you need to move forward. 

I am so grateful you found me and I look forward to working together to bring more light into your life BRIGHT SOUL.

Woman's Circles

Connection Circles are held once a month

These circles are like minded souls gathering in person supporting one another through the experiences of spiritual growth and ascension. Each time is a little different and no two circles are the same. We alternate Co-ed and Women only monthly. 

We do the following activities:

- Call in the elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit

- Meditation

-Self healing using a variety of modalities

-Sing, Dance, Move our bodies

-Play music with drums, rattles, guitar etc.

- Art or write our intentions/manifestations on new moons to bring in what we desire

- Releasing what no longer serves on full moons

- Share and support one another in life

- Tarot cards

- Celebrate Solstices and other Holidays

-Guest Speakers or Spiritual Topics each month

These circles are by donation. Please bring a snack to share with the group and if you feel called a donation for Bright Souls land and service.

If your interested in joining our circle we always welcome new members please email or connect with Monica for dates and times. See Events Page for dates.  

Shamanic Healings

Shamanic Healing is an ancient practice of healing that encompasses the spiritual dimension of healing as well as mental, emotional and physical body healing. Each session is based on intuitive information from accessing the quantum field and spirit realms. The session may be used to assist the client in any area of life where there is an imbalance, obstacle, disharmony, or challenge. These often arise from unresolved traumas, or events that have left imprints or residual negative energy thereby lowering the frequency and vibration in the physical and energetic body. To clear the dysfunction it is done at the soul level. I will use a variety of tools to assist you in the session such as feathers, drums, sound bowls, voice, sage or other herbs, crystals, rocks or other natural forms. A session may include soul retrieval, extraction or power animal retrieval.

$111 for 60-90 minute session 

These services can be done both in person and virtually.


Energy Sessions/Soul Transformation Guide/Coaching

Soul Transformation coaching and Energy work. Are you working through some life situations and need some spiritual guidance and energy healing?

Are you feeling lost? depleted? drained? Anxious? Stressed?

Monica is an empathetic witness to your souls journey of healing and transformation by listening with compassion. Together we will work on transforming what is keeping you stuck. These sessions will include coaching and energy work such as inner child work, reparenting, quantum healing, shamanic practices, limited beliefs reprogramming, guided meditations, Tao practices, karma clearing, sound baths, balancing and healing feminine (mother wounds) and masculine (father wounds), trauma healing and much more. 

In life we sometimes feel stuck and we have difficulty finding answers how to move forward. We can get stuck in our mind, in relationships or jobs we don't feel in alignment with. Monica is a grounded divine feminine soul who has an open heart, with deep compassion for your souls journey she holds no judgement. Monica can guide you back to your own inner guidance system through these methods. 

Monica is simply a guide to you healing and transforming yourself so be prepared to integrate and do some soul work.

Coaching is done for any age I have been of service to teenagers, and all life spans in adult hood. 

These sessions can be done In person or Virtually. 


$111 for 60 minute session


I often give soul work between sessions for you to continue the process of transforming this part of your life on your own. I provide you with the tools you need. 


Discovery Call                          FREE

Are you wanting to improve your life emotionally, mentally and spiritually but not sure which way to go? Where to start?


Monica offers a free 15 minute call to discuss what your growing through at this moment.

Monica is a spiritual guide who can assist you to return to your true path and inner knowing. All of your answers are within but sometimes we have blockages from hearing our inner souls message.

This call can be about questions you have about one of the modalities offered to see if it is the right one or timing for you.

This call is to ensure both souls feel aligned with working together and which steps to take next.

This call is free with no obligation of working together.


Tao Healing Hands Blessings

Tao is Oneness, Source Light and frequency. It is Divine's highest frequency of soul, heart, mind, energy and matter. The Tao blessing is used to transform negative information in your field into positive information. When there is negative information in our field we may see Disease in your physical, mental and emotional body. You may also have dis harmony in your relationships and finances.

Tao healing hands is a light transmission that carries the light energy of the Tao, the qualities and frequency of unconditional love, light, forgiveness, compassion, flourishing and more. It has the ability to rejuvenate your health, heal your physical, mental and emotional illnesses. Tao hands blessings can create harmony in your relationships, finances and all aspects of life.

What is a Tao Healing Hands Practitioner?

Those empowered to use Tao Healing Hands to offer blessings for their loved ones, community, and others in order to help them become happier, healthier and have more successful in their life!

Tao Healing Hands carries the high frequency and positive information of the Tao (source) and can help transform illness and uplift every aspect of life.

For this reason Tao healing Hands practitioners can transform negative information (Shen blockages) at the root of life's challenges!

Blessing Requests for the following areas of your life:

Health: Physical, mental, emotional or one health condition

Relationships: One relationship between you and a loved one

Finances: Dissolve money blockages

Spiritual Journey: to bring more light into your heart and soul

What to Expect when booking:

Book your appointment for a virtual session over zoom or a session through the ethers (Quantum Field- The blessing happens at a souls level) that evening of your booking I will send you a Tao Healing Hands Blessing for your area of request. This is an energetic Light healing that is at the Soul Level. You will receive light and any blockages will be dissolved as appropriate for you Souls journey. 

Virtual Session $44 per request

Somatic Breathwork

The Somatic Breath Work (SBW) is not your ordinary Breath Work this will change your life!

SBW is a technique that utilizes the breath to help release the stressors and trauma that have laid dormant within our body from our fast paced modern lifestyle.

Breathwork is a profound tool to access the innate intelligence of our own mind & body for personal transformation, SBW is designed to clear out the old to have clarity in life, mission and purpose- Steven Jaggers of SBW

The world recognizes that trauma and stress not only affect the mind but is also embedded in the body.

Somatic Breath work is helping people to clear out the stress and suppressed emotions in their body to regain clarity in their mind, mission and life.

When we can clear out and release everything then we can bring into our body what is truly ours - Peace, Love, Connection, Freedom what ever you desire. It is you.

I have learned this beautiful modality from Steven & Fish at Somatic Release Breath Work.

One to One sessions:

 $111.11 for 90 minutes (first time session)

$133 for one

$488 for four

$666 for 6

$799 for 8


$200 for 90 minutes


$88 for 45 minutes

Breathwork combined with Coaching session


Watch for Group Events or Book your Own group event

Virtual Group Sessions $44.44

in Person Groups of 4 or more $55.55

Book your own group: Groups of 2-4 is $66.66 per person



Reiki is an ancient energy healing technique. Reiki is used to balance all aspects of being human: the body, mind and heart. It embraces the concept of the interconnectedness of these aspects. Reiki therapy holistically aims to relieve the body of physical, emotional or spiritual blockages.

Reiki therapy works on all levels simultaneously the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your total self. Removing or clearing blocked energy restores the body's natural ability to facilitate much of its own healing. Reiki therapy reduces stress and promotes relaxation. 

As a Reiki Master/Teacher I can also perform long distance Reiki healing. This can be done as a general healing or if you have a special request or a certain time of day that requires extra light.

This is done through the ethers and does not have to be done together. I will send it for 3 consecutive days for your request.

$111 for 60 minute session In Person

$111 for 3 days in a row of distant healing


Meditation is a practice of quieting the mind, body and soul. I can assist you with gentle coaching and provide you with techniques to relax your body, quiet your mind, center yourself and provide protection techniques.

As you become more experienced in meditation you may begin to come to the dimension where you are open to receiving psychic and spiritual information and energy. Total relaxation is a gift, one which you learn to give yourself. I can assist in this area of your growth and learning.

Each session is 30-60 minutes. This can be done one on one or in groups.

This can be Virtually or In Person.


$25 per one hour session (one on one meditation coaching)


Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment CCMBA/Complete Cellular Soul Memory Clearing CCSMC. The CCBMA/CCSMC Energy targets the problem wherever it exists and works on all levels, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Energy is channeled from Source by Monica and directly goes into your body healing whatever your body needs to restore your body, heal , open and re-align you to your souls health.

CCMBA/CCSMC works to release experiences of our past on all levels mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wherever the problem exists. Everyone will experience it differently some will be in silence, some may release old memories from childhood, birth, past lives. Some may have bones realign, pain disappear, toxins and poisons release, some experience spiritual awakening and others let go of habits they no longer desire.

This is an energetic Channel and can only be completed in person.


$175 for 90 minute session

Energetic Clearings (Womb Clearing or Cord Removals)

Do you want to clear connections to outdated relationships?

there are many ways we can do this the two offerings are either energetic cords or womb cleanse/clearing.

What are energetic cords?

Energetic cords are strands/cords of energy connected between two souls. As we go through life we enter in many relationships with people our parents, siblings, friends, intimate partners, acquaintances, people you work with, even those you meet in passing you can develop energetic cords with. Just imagine little strings connecting you to one another.

Not all cords are bad and they actually help us to form connections and understandings of one another. When we are connected we feel on a deeper level for that person and their energy. As we live this life growing, learning and evolving we need to shed what is no longer serving us. Some cords drain our energies and are no longer healthy to be connected. When we let go, we create space. 

Cutting and clearing energy cords that are no longer serving your highest good will allow you to feel free of the burden and weight from the past. This will create lightness and openness allowing space for new!

Using the Tao, Reiki, Angels and other energetic tools we will work together to identify and remove any and all cords that are no longer serving your highest good. We do this with love and gratitude. 

what is a Womb/Hara cleanse/clearing?

The womb is the entire space of the female organs (uterus, vagina, ovaries etc.) The Hara is the energetic area of this space so even if you identify as a male or you have had those organs removed you can benefit from this energetic healing.

This space in our body often functions as a emotional dumping ground (unintentional of course), We store energetic imprints here from past relationships, lovers, trauma and memories. These imprints stay buried in our subconscious, creating energetic block in our Hara/womb space. 

The Womb/Hara is our creative center where we birth new beginning, new ideas, new projects and new life. If we have not healed those blocks or stuck energy is keeping lack power and clarity. 

Womb/Hara Healing can help restore your womb to its original perfect state. Intuitive healing techniques combined with Energy work, body work, extraction, breath work, crystals and essential oils will be used during this healing. Each journey is unique. 

Sessions are relaxing, nourishing and you will leave feeling lighter. 

These clearings can be done both in person or virtually.

Each clearing takes about 30 minutes

You will also receive a Tao Blessing during each session.

$55.55 per session 

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy

QHHT or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy is a process to access your deep inner knowing, your Higher Self or soul consciousness, which offers healing on a soul, body, mind and emotional level. You have all the answers within you. I am trained in this technique to facilitate this transformational healing. I obtained my level 2 from Dolores Cannon and I have regressed over 150 clients using QHHT techniques. I am so honoured to be a witness to my clients life transformations after their sessions. 

This session involves two main parts. First is a past life regression and the second is a healing by the subconscious (energetic source/ universe).

The benefits of a past life regression and healing are limitless they clear emotional stress and trauma, physical disease.

This session will take 4-6 hours. 

These appointments are not available to everyone please connect with Monica for a discovery first to see if this is a right path for you. 


$333 per session.

In Person Only.


Coming SOON 

Group Quantum Healing Night

Axiatonal ReAlignment

Axiatonal Re-Alignment is a simple yet powerful "tune up" of the energy system. It is a powerful healing tool that works to re-connect and align the meridian lines of the body, to enable your energy system to function smoothly, and rejuvenates all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).

* Balances your chakras and the polarity of your body

* Releases any physical, emotional or spiritual limitations

* Balances, centers and focuses your mind

* Clears negative emotional patterns

* Produces deep relaxation and a sense of well-being

* Powerfully boosts the effects of other therapies such as Reiki, Massage and Reflexology.

* Improves physical mobility and mental alertness

$55.55 for 30 minute session

$111 for 60 minute session that is combined with Coaching and Reiki 

This can only be done In Person


Yoga is a practice of moving the body with breathe. Monica can teach a variety of styles of yoga but the main ones she enjoys teaching include Yin, Vinyasa, and Restorative. Monica incorporates her love for moving the body, healing and mediation all into her practice.

Yin Yoga is a slower-paced, more meditative version of the popular physical and spiritual discipline of yoga. The poses are held for a long period of time (typically three to five minutes or longer) to target the connective tissues (such as the ligaments) rather than focusing on the muscles.

Restorative yoga is a type of yoga known for its relaxing, calming and healing effect. This was developed into a whole style of yoga which was considered ideal for those recovering from injuries or illnesses.

Vinyasa is a type of yoga that links movement and breath to attain balance in the mind and body. From the Sanskrit “to place in a special way,” vinyasa aligns a deliberate sequence of poses with the breath to achieve a continuous flow.


Private session $90 /60 minutes

Group sessions are $22 per person/75 minutes

Classes will start again in May 2023

Book a 6 week pass for $111 

Book a 8 week pass for $155

Single session $22

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