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Munay Ki - 9 Rites of Healing

Munay- heart, Ki- Energy

  • 9 hours
  • From 999 Canadian dollars
  • Blandford Road

Service Description

Explore the Ancient Wisdom of Munay Ki Embark on a profound journey of spiritual awakening and transformation with our Munay Ki training program. Rooted in ancient Andean wisdom from the tribes of Peru, Munay Ki offers a sacred path to receiving nine powerful energetic transmissions, known as the Nine Rites, that awaken and empower your luminous energy field. In our Munay Ki training, you'll: - Receive the nine Rites of Munay Ki, each carrying a unique energy and purpose to support your spiritual evolution - Explore the ancient teachings and wisdom of the Andean tradition, gaining insight into the cosmology, practices, and ceremonies of this sacred lineage - Learn how to integrate the Munay Ki Rites into your daily life and spiritual practice, enhancing your connection to the Earth, the cosmos, and your own divine essence - Dive deeper into your journey of self-discovery and healing, as you unlock the potential for profound personal growth and transformation - Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to receive the two additional rites: the 13th Rite of the Womb, a powerful initiation into the feminine energies of creation and rebirth, and the Rite of the Serpent, which symbolizes shedding the past and embracing renewal and transformation. The 9 Rites include: The healers rite, Bands of Power and Protection, Harmony Rite, Seers Rite, Day keepers rite, Wisdom Keepers rite, Earth keepers rite, star keepers rite, Creator Rite. Whether you're seeking to deepen your spiritual connection, heal past wounds, or step into your power as a radiant being of light, Munay Ki offers a sacred path of initiation and empowerment. Join us on this transformative journey and awaken the ancient wisdom within you with Munay Ki. Enroll now to begin your Munay Ki journey! This will be a 9-10 hour - 1 hour for each rite This can be done 1 hour each week Or 5 hours in 2 days or 2 hours over 5 days WATCH for the Group Courses. 9 Rites $999 To receive the 2 bonus rites Price is $1111

Cancellation Policy

Life happens. Reschedule up to two times only. No refunds for cancellations or reschedules within 24 hours. No refunds for No shows. Service Credit for those cancelling or rescheduling within 72 hours.

Contact Details

  •, Blandford Road, Bright, ON, Canada

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