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Energetic Cord Removals

Clearing Energy ties with an ex partner, friend or just want more harmony.

  • 30 minutes
  • 65 Canadian dollars
  • Blandford Road

Service Description

Do you want to clear connections to outdated relationships? there are many ways we can do this the two offerings are either energetic cords or womb cleanse/clearing. What are energetic cords? Energetic cords are strands/cords of energy connected between two souls. As we go through life we enter in many relationships with people our parents, siblings, friends, intimate partners, acquaintances, people you work with, even those you meet in passing you can develop energetic cords with. Just imagine little strings connecting you to one another. Not all cords are bad and they actually help us to form connections and understandings of one another. When we are connected we feel on a deeper level for that person and their energy. As we live this life growing, learning and evolving we need to shed what is no longer serving us. Some cords drain our energies and are no longer healthy to be connected. When we let go, we create space.  Cutting and clearing energy cords that are no longer serving your highest good will allow you to feel free of the burden and weight from the past. This will create lightness and openness allowing space for new! Using Reiki, Angels and other energetic tools we will work together to identify and cut any and all cords that are no longer serving your highest good. We do this with love and gratitude.

Cancellation Policy

Life happens. Reschedule up to two times only. No refunds for cancellations or reschedules within 24 hours. No refunds for No shows. Service Credit for those cancelling or rescheduling within 72 hours.

Contact Details

  •, Blandford Road, Bright, ON, Canada

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